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PowerUp Lens

Say goodbye to tired eyes and have a more comfortable viewing experience.


Keeps Eyes Fresher for Longer

Designed for single vision wearers with a power boost at the bottom of the lens, KODAK PowerUp Plus Lens offers targeted vision support for extended digital device and near vision usage. Hence, reducing eye strain from digital viewing. It is also best paired with KODAK UVBlue for added blue light protection.


Cater to your Specific Lifestyle Needs

With materials for all lifestyles and three levels of advanced reading support, wearers can opt for what’s most suitable. As younger patients’ eyes are stronger, less support is required for doing near tasks. Thus, a 0.4 boost is ideal. A stronger boost of 0.66 or 1.00 is recommended for those experiencing the onset of presbyopia

Who Is It For?

The Digitally Active

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